What we can do is an art

At the base of all this there are skills and artisan know-how.
There is the art of handicraft, without which we could not give life to all that confers quality to our work.


50 Years and Beyond

Our journey started many years ago,precisely here, in this territory rich in culture and tradition, where the art of wood craft is an intrinsic part of the people, like the woods and mountains surrounding them.

Essenze legno Mobart Ben


Born as craftsmen, with a deep-rooted tradition for working with wood, we’ve learned through the years how to evolve and transform its essence. We now know how to interpret tradition, while at the same time managing to be innovators of a design with contemporary tendencies.


Being able to bring to the fore the virtues of a timeless material such as wood is in the intrinsic nature of what we create.
Capable of keeping elegance and refinement intact, it maintains the warmth of a welcoming ambiance, aesthetically enhancing it.

Eleganza legno sedia


For us, the worth of a product is also measured by the quality of its materials. We have selected the best essences of wood, not only for the beauty of the finishes, but also to guarantee the very best usability.

We are fully aware that we are creating something that is unique, because behind the mastery of handicraft there are persons that dedicate their life to transforming each product and each project into an timeless art.
And this is the quintessence of unparalleled added value.

Our manual dexterity.
The value of our project










We believe in the value of professionalism and we are convinced that to obtain it, we must give the best of ourselves, in everything, and above all in the attention to detail.
All that we turn out is an example of this.


Ours is a one-track effort: combining aesthetic flair, technical know-how, commitment and professionalism to bring to life our clients’ concept of living. A constant commitment that we conduct each day.

So, this is everything we are.
A history made up of ancient knowledge, and at the same time of creativity and contemporary style.
This is how we do it, and this is how we will further it with the same passion as always.