Furnishing your home is a matter of prime importance, so we believe in the importance of welcoming you, advising you and accompanying you in the choices you make.

We believe that a successful project starts with quality materials. We have in-depth knowledge of wood in all its aspects, and we want you to be able to learn all about the woods that will be used in your home, so you can make the right choices.

We believe in the power of inspiration, and in the importance of a creative environment in which you can find the right personality for your project.

We believe in the human touch, in the importance of bespoke creations and being able to see and touch your choices, an aspect often neglected with online or off-the-shelf purchases.

We believe every individual is unique, as are their needs.


When you visit us, you’ll step right into the heart of how we operate. We’ll be delighted to welcome you to our showroom, a 500-square-metre source of inspiration where you can see some of our creations, furnishing solutions and the living spaces we’ve created.

One of our consultants will accompany you on your visit, during which you can stock up on new ideas, understand how we work, see and touch our creations, see how we combine materials and fabrics and admire warm, welcoming living spaces. Just like those you’ll soon be able to enjoy in your own home.

mobart showroom
mobart materioteca

Our Materials Library

Our showroom hosts its own “materials library”, an area designed to let you see all our finishes and materials in the same place and how they can be combined in a way that reflects your personality.

We believe the value of a made-to-measure product depends largely on the quality of the material it’s made from. This is why we choose the finest woods: not only for the beauty of the finishes but also to guarantee excellent performance.

We believe each project has to be taken care of in every detail. This is why our skill set allows us to provide you with a complete interior design service, helping you to choose the most suitable combinations of materials and colors.

Our materials library has been created by carefully selecting woods, fabrics, stones, and metals so that you can see and touch the materials that will be used to shape your favorite living spaces.







Finishes of the other elements

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